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Mining refers to other undertakings such as mineral exploration, adoption and subsidiary ore dressing and refining.

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China mining engineering companies have participated in a large number of mineral mining and smelting projects in Africa, especially in Zambia and DRC ( Copper belt). Protranser managed many projects over there for years with well-known Chinese mining engineering companies , to delivery hundred tons average of mertails and equipments to jobsite on every day by containerized、breakbulk and RORO as well as airfreight, also mobilize many various trailers/trucks through thousands kilometer far from the ports in SRA and Tanzania for transit. in addition, complianted request of paperwork in Africa including BV involvement is to ask Protranser much more profersional and skilled of coordiantion, which Protranser  does always handle it successfully and smoothly. we  provide a comprehensive one-stop service for client to step into Africa.